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​With exemplary leaders and enriching environments, we believe all young people have the potential to grow into integral and thriving human beings capable of contributing immensely to their families, teams, schools, communities and the planet. Given this belief, we use the game of basketball as a fun, safe, and challenging platform to help develop young people's values, knowledge and skills toward the betterment of self, others and the world. 

Our leagues, camps and programs are designed to help players develop both their character and basketball skills – to become full circle (or 360 degree) leaders on and off the court! We embrace a holistic approach to learning, leadership and basketball development. Our coaches lead by example and hold distinguished backgrounds in education, human thriving/performance research and advanced coaching. Some of our coaches also have experience playing and/or coaching at the collegiate (NCAA/CIS) and professional level (NBA/FIBA). 

We take an integrative and research based approach to learning and basketball development in which our professional and experienced coaches draw upon the following 5 pillars of learning: 

Learning to know
Learning to do
Learning to be
Learning to live, work & play with others
Learning to impact team, family, society & environment

360 Playing Beyond The Game Creed

​The duration of a well played game is only a few minutes, while the journey for it may take many years of hard work and excellent character. Remember the real value of sport is not in winning or performing in the limelight of applause but by the virtues learned, practiced and lived within and beyond the athletic realm. The applause soon fades away, the statistics forgotten, the trophy is left behind, but the character, friendships and legacy you build are yours forever.

360ydc Camp Includes:
  • Daily basketball and leadership lessons with qualified and caring coaches who have coached and/or played at the   pro and collegiate level.
  • Skill development sessions, full-court games and team/individual competitions.
  • Pre and post skill evaluation & 360 MDT challenge.
  • Daily lessons on how to be a leader on and off the court

Past 360ydc Notable Coaches: 

Juan Vasquez: Pro, Cuban National Team, Durham College
Zemar Salim: CIS University of Waterloo
Sam Gustavas: Durham College, OCAA 
Cienna Walker: NCAA Univ. of Minnesota
Jason Medford: Pro Europe, CIS All-Star
Abi Tairu: NCAA Central Connecticut 
Namz Sewali: CIS Trinity Western University
Tamar Houghton: Centennial College MVP, OCAA All-Star

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