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360ydc Basketball & Leadership Overnight Camp

360ydc Basketball & Leadership Overnight Camp Information:
Please check in later and we'll have more information posted. 

Stay tuned in for our 2021 camp dates...

Our Coaching Team & Overnight Camp Philosophy:

We believe, provided with the right environments, all young people possess tremendous potential to grow up as exemplary human beings who can thrive personally but also contribute to the lives of their families, teams and communities. As such, we use the game of basketball to create a fun, safe and challenging environment for young people to learn and unleash their full human capacities. We inspire and equip our players to develop their character and to become full-circle leaders on and off the court. Thus, we believe primary greatness means striving to become a wise, focused and compassionate human being at our core, while secondary greatness means allowing such timeless and universal values help lead the way in our quest to be the best family member, student, athlete, professional and citizen. 

Our coaching team is comprised of educators and researchers working in higher education, professional and collegiate athletes, and coaches who have worked with professional leagues such as the National Basketball Association (NBA). Through our overnight camp, we provide effective, safe and challenging programs to activate and develop young athletes to the peak of their potential.

We take a integrative and research based approach to learning and basketball development in which our professional and experienced coaches use the following 5 pillars of learning to help inspire and equip players to succeed on and off the court:

Learning to know
Learning to do
Learning to be
Learning to live, work & play with others
Learning to impact team, family, society & environment

We also believe every young person in the community deserves a fun, safe and challenging place to play sports and learn life-skills, regardless of their financial status. Thus, through our MDT scholarship program and community resources we support any player who may not have the sufficient funds to participate in our programs.

A Full-Circle Approach to Player Development...