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At 360ydc (youth developing capacity), we believe young people possess tremendous potential to grow up as exemplary human beings who can influence the lives of their families, teams and communities.  Our leagues, camps and coaches strive to cultivate a caring yet challenging environment in which young child or teenager from any background can unleash their vast potential and to succeed within and beyond the “game”. We encourage young people to aspire and live by the universal and timeless values of purpose, honesty, initiative, grit, challenge, agency, humility, courage, compassion, critical thought, health, love and team/family/community. Our programs strive to offer a fun, developmental and holistic basketball experience - focusing on values and then basketball development. We take a deep or transformative approach to learning and basketball improvement, where our professionally educated coaches teach by the 5 pillars of learning:  

Learning to Know;
Learning to Do;
Learning to Live & Play With Others;
Learning to Be;
Learning to Impact Team, Family, Society & Environment.

We believe every young person in the community should have a safe place to play sports and learn life-skills, regardless of their financial status.  This means through our scholarship program we support any family who may not have the sufficient funds to participate in our programs.  

Our Playing Beyond The Game Creed 

​The duration of a well played game is only a few minutes, while the journey for it may take many years of hard work and excellent character. Remember the real value of sport is not in winning or performing in the limelight of applause but by the virtues learned, practiced and lived within and beyond the athletic realm. The applause soon fades away, the statistics forgotten, the trophy is left behind, but the character, friendships and legacy you build are yours forever.

​Camp & League Director/Coach: Omar Salim (BA, MA, PhD (ABD)

Omar has held positions with the NBA, Toronto Raptors, Ontario Basketball and many other recognizable academic, corporate and non-profit organizations nation wide. Omar is currently a professor at Durham College. He holds a multidisciplinary academic, athletic and professional portfolio. He has a B.A. from the University of Waterloo (Faculty of Applied Health Sciences), a post-graduate certificate in Human Resource Management from Durham College, a certificate in Teaching and Learning in Post-Secondary Education from both Queen’s University and Durham College, and an M.A. from Queen’s University. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Royal Roads University (Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences).  

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